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Game introduction
"Kaku Ancient Seal" is a cartoon ARPG game with ancient themes. Players play a primitive man named Kaku in the game. They explore the open ancient world together with pet, search for lost temples scattered in the world, acquire the power of ancient elements, unlock the truth of creation, and ultimately eliminate evil forces to save the world!
Game Features
Open World Tactical Combination Puzzle Solving
The game world consists of five main map boards: floating island ruins, jungle, marshland, plateau and Gobi desert. You will enter the dangerous hinterland with your pets, discover ancient ruins hidden on the edge of the world, and start a fun and exciting adventure!
Players can use three different types of weapons, combined with a variety of fighting methods, to obtain different fighting fun. During the battle, as the number of combos increases, the energy value of the combo will be higher, and the battle gain will be greater.
There are dangers and traps everywhere in ancient ruins. Players need to use the power of elements and pet skills to solve puzzles and challenge players' thinking skills.
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